With Tissa Metteyya
Tissametteyya Sutta

Tissa Metteyya

Tell us the trouble, sir, that befalls one given to sexual intercourse.
Having heard your teaching we will train ourselves in solitude.

Methunamanuyuttassa vighātaṃ brūhi mārisa
Sutvāna tava sāsanaṃ viveke sikkhissāmase

The Buddha

In one given to sexual intercourse
The teaching is forgotten and he conducts himself wrongly.
This is dishonourable of him.

Methunamanuyuttassa mussate vāpi sāsanaṃ
Micchā ca paṭipajjati etaṃ tasmiṃ anāriyaṃ


Whoever formerly fared alone,
Who then indulges in sexual intercourse,
In the world is called
A ‘lurching vehicle’,
A ‘common worldling’.

Eko pubbe caritvāna methunaṃ yo nisevati
Yānaṃ bhantaṃ va taṃ loke hīnamāhu puthujjanaṃ


His earlier glory and reputation is lost.
Seeing this, one should train oneself
To give up one’s sexual inclinations.

Yaso kitti ca yā pubbe hāyate vāpi tassa sā
Etampi disvā sikkhetha methunaṃ vippahātave


Overcome by thought, he broods like a miserable wretch.
On hearing others’ criticism, he becomes downcast.

Saṅkappehi pareto so kapaṇo viya jhāyati
Sutvā paresaṃ nigghosaṃ maṅku hoti tathāvidho


Or, provoked by the rumours against him,
He retaliates,
Or sinks to false speech.
Such, indeed, is his great worldly attachment.

Atha satthāni kurute paravādehi codito
Esa khvassa mahāgedho mosavajjaṃ pagāhati


They called him wise when he was committed to faring alone.
But now that he is given to sexual intercourse
He is harassed as a fool.

Paṇḍitoti samaññāto ekacariyaṃ adhiṭṭhito
Athāpi methune yutto mandova parikissati


Having realised the wretchedness of all this,
The sage for his whole life remains firmly committed to remaining solitary.
He does not pursue sexual intercourse.

Etamādīnavaṃ ñatvā muni pubbāpare idha
Ekacariyaṃ daḷhaṃ kayirā na nisevetha methunaṃ


He should indeed train himself in solitude.
For noble ones this is the supreme training.
But he should not suppose that he is therefore ‘the best’.
He is indeed at freedom’s threshold.

Vivekaññeva sikkhetha etadariyānamuttamaṃ
Na tena seṭṭho maññetha sa ve nibbānasantike


The emancipated sage
Abides indifferent to sensual pleasure.
People enslaved by sensual pleasure envy him,
The flood-crosser.

Rittassa munino carato kāmesu anapekkhino
Oghatiṇṇassa pihayanti kāmesu gadhitā pajā ti

Notes on Translation:

  • Verse 819) Worldly attachment: although gedha means greed, I call it worldly attachment because the PED says the two words are closely linked. Norman calls it 'great entanglement'. It seems that blame, one of the eight worldly states, is what the disrobed monk is attached to.

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